Cashmere Community Farmers Market
Mothers Day - October 10th, 2021
Simpson Park
402 Pioneer Ave

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Leavenworth and Cashmere Markets will abide by state and federal pandemic-response guidelines in order to keep our Markets safe and welcoming for all people.
At this time, please refer to CDC Masking Guidelines before attending the Market.

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Our Most Commonly Asked Question:

What Does it Take to Be a Vendor?

  1. All Potential Vendors must hold a Washington State Business License, and be appropriately insured for their respective products.

  2. All produce must be grown in Washington State, or in a bordering county.

  3. Products must be crafted, created or enhanced in Washington State.

  4. Vendors must hold applicable permits for all their products, including CDHD Food Handlers permits, Commercial Kitchen licensing, Agriculture Food Processors permits, Organic Certification, State Nursery License. 

  5. In order to qualify as a farmer, more than 50% of a vendor's gross income must come from product that they raised or grew on their property.

  6. No reselling, no commercial or imported items, no franchises, owner-operated businesses only.

         Selection and acceptance of vendors remains at the discretion of the Market Board and Staff. 

We prioritize vendors for whom the Market is critical to their business.

Home gardeners are invited to attend Barter Fair days.

Cashmere Market Sponsors

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